Antique Samurai Swords Selection

There are a few questions to consider when selecting the right antique samurai sword for your collection: Which type of sword are you looking for? Is the sword for use or display? What material is the blade made of?

There are essentially three types of antique Japanese swords: the katana, the wakizashi, and the tanto. The katana is the longest of the samurai swords, and was worn with the cutting edge facing upwards to allow a swift draw and strike in a single motion. Wakizashi are swords with a shorter blade ranging from 30-60 cm, with the tanto more akin to a japanese dagger. Samurai would traditionally carry the katana along with a smaller sword -- the wakizashi or tanto -- in a pairing called the daisho, an honor unique to the samurai symbolizing social status and power.

The intended use of the sword determines the type of blade required to ensure your sword's longevity. There are three types of blades according to their material, ranked from lightest to strongest: stainless steel, high carbon, and folded steel. For display above a mantle, a stainless steel blade will suit just fine. However, for contact or combat, a high carbon blade would hold up better, with a folded steel blade the strongest of the three. For combat you also want to ensure that the blade is full tang, meaning that the length of the blade extends under the sword handle, or tsuka. This increases the level of force you are able to leverage when attacking.

Whether you're in it for the battle or the history, we have an antique japanese sword worthy of your collection.


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