Medieval Armor

Not many collector stores carry antique armor. At Collectors Armoury in Los Angeles, CA, we have made it our goal to have all kinds of armor options for our customers.

Helmets - Our largest armor collection is our collection of helmets. We have helmets from various time periods to suit whatever style you prefer most. We can show you how to store them and properly clean them so that they remain in great condition for as long as possible.

Suits of Armor - Finding an entire suit of armor for sale is almost impossible, but we have it. Although they are expensive, we know that every serious armor collector dreams of owning one. We can make this dream come true right now!

Gauntlets and Chainmail - We have a wide selection of gauntlets and chain mail for our customers to enjoy. They have all been carefully maintained so that they do not lose their shine, and we have been very careful to date them accurately.

Armor can be a great addition to a weapons collection. At Collectors Armoury in Los Angeles, CA, we choose each piece for its uniqueness, its impeccable condition, and its beauty. We want all of our customers to have access to the best pieces available in the market today, and that means choosing our own items carefully.

Do not waste your time trying to find a store in Los Angeles that sells armor other than us. You will not find another one. We are the people to turn to when you want the very best options at great prices. Enhance your military antiques collection or start a new one by visiting us at Collectors Armoury today!


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  • Collectors Armoury is the only shop in California entirely dedicated to the purchase and sale of antique arms and armor. It is a museum where all the military antiques on display are for sale. Proprietor, Joseph Bell, is a collector of Islamic weapons himself and has more than 40 years experience in the field.

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